Collection: FOTS Vision Board Journal & Graphic Book

The definition of a plan is to devise or project the realization or achievement of something.

Every day of our lives we create plans for ourselves, children’s future, and daily activities. Some include, summer plans, vacation plans, weight loss, educational plans, estate planning, financial plans…life revolves around planning.

We create so many plans, but what about the plan for your spiritual growth? A spiritual plan is necessary to project the achievement of having a stronger relationship with Jesus.

The spiritual vision board planner comes complete with a graphic book, which allows the writer to create a vision board that is encompassing of the fruit of the Spirit. By the completion of this journal, there will be nine vision boards to reflect growth in our lives which mimics that of Jesus' character.

We have vision board parties, all white parties, all-black parties, boat parties, Mary Kay parties, Tupperware parties, but what about a party to help plan/provoke our spiritual growth?